For details on the submission process, what to expect, what we look for, and other common questions, please review our complete Submission Guidelines.


  • Length—Films need to be 40 minutes or less. The average film we feature is 10 minutes. Films over 20 minutes need to warrant that duration and will be judged more critically.
  • Premiere Status—No premiere status is required, however, we give preference to films that haven’t yet premiered online. We encourage you to submit your film as early as possible.
  • Rights—We require films to have all necessary rights and releases secured for us to feature them including music.
  • Free to View—We only select films that are free for audiences. If your film is currently behind a paid service, subscription, or app, please consider offering a free version for submission.

Get Feedback (additional fee)

Receive 1 full page (500 words) of constructive feedback on your film from a member of our team of top curators for an additional fee. Please select the Add Feedback option at the bottom of this form before you pay.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately we cannot refund a submission fee once you’ve submitted your film. Please make absolutely sure you want to submit your film before doing so.

As with other festivals, your fee is paid for your film to be considered. By no means does submitting your film guarantee that your film will be accepted for Short of the Week. If your film is not accepted, your submission fee is not refunded.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.